Over GOH concept

Het GOH center

Het GOH concept staat voor “Goal Oriented Health-Concept”. Een Health concept in Amsterdam-West waar je onder begeleiding van medische professionals werkt aan je gezondheid. GOH concept is voor iedereen die gezonder en fitter wil worden – en blijven. Wij geloven in een totaalaanpak, met programma’s die gericht zijn op beweging, voeding, lifestyle en coaching.

Ons internationale team bestaat uit personal trainers, een psycholoog, fysiotherapeuten en diëtist. Samen ontwikkelen we een programma op maat. We coachen, trainen, adviseren en motiveren je om jouw doelstellingen te halen.

GOH concept is een compacte organisatie, met korte lijnen en zonder rompslomp. We hebben geen wachtlijst, dus je kunt direct worden geholpen. Wij werken ook samen met huisartsen in de buurt. Een gezonde lifestyle start bij GOH concept. Kom langs voor een kennismaking!

Ons concept

Het is onze missie om mensen beter te laten voelen door lichaam, geest en energiesystemen met elkaar in balans te brengen. Zo haal je uit het leven wat erin zit. Wij luisteren naar je verhaal en wat je wilt veranderen. Samen kijken we naar je lichaamseigenschappen en de mogelijkheden om snel fit en gezonder te worden.

De holistische aanpak van GOH concept betekent dat we alle specialismen in één pakket aanbieden (GOH life programma). Onder begeleiding van medische professionals geven we trainingen op maat, een persoonlijk voedingsadvies voor blijvend resultaat (geen dieet), regelmatige health check-ups, kookworkshops en educatieve seminars.

GOH is een inspirerend health concept, gericht op jouw persoonlijke behoefte. We helpen je om duidelijke doelen te stellen en we maken een plan om die doelstelling te halen. Daarnaast motiveren je om van een gezonde lifestyle te gaan genieten.

Over de oprichter

My name Is David Billy and I am excited to share my story with you. I was born in Tanzania, spent my childhood in Kenya and most of my teenage life in Namibia and South Africa. I grew up in a family of 4 children; I am the youngest, with very hard working parents. My parents did their best to make sure we would turn out ok. That is my foundation and has formed me to believe that you can achieve your dreams by hard work and dedication.

I arrived in Holland in 2004 to study physiotherapy and worked part-time in different gyms. After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Physiotherapy, I received a letter from the IND stating I had to leave the country within 21 days. Luckily, one of my friends had a connection with an immigration lawyer and she advised that the only way to stay in the country was to start my own company! I was 25 years old. No clue about starting a business but I learned one important thing; “if you want something really bad, nothing can stop you and you will always find a way”.

In 2011 an opportunity opened up, a gym in Amsterdam Oud-West needed a physiotherapist. The place had potential but it was not well taken care of. I thought to myself, “If I ever win the lottery, I would love to take it over”! Two hard years passed and I wasn’t happy with the situation I was in. The crisis had hit, insurance companies enforced more control and they demanded more paperwork. I chose this profession because I enjoyed sports, health and I wanted to improve people’s lives in a positive way. But the system forced me to have an office job. I decided that I wanted to create something that gives honest service without being controlled by a system; something I am passionate about that gives back to the clients. Summer of 2012 was the birth of GOH concept.

GOH was all about improving health and lifestyle. The concept had to be small, service and goal oriented, medical professional and holistic; offering guidance in exercise, nutrition, workshops and educational seminars. I started the first pilot at that gym and the first trial was a weight loss program. My dream was about to start!

After a successful first year, one of my clients offered me a space in one of his buildings. Finally, GOH had its first own location- Da Costakade 184H. Briefly after opening the new location, I got a call from Eric (a previous client and a friend). When I started GOH, I had no idea how I was going to make it a profitable business. Money wasn’t the reason I started it, but rather to make a difference in people’s lives. Eric’s expertise in finance and his business savviness is now one of the reasons why GOH has become such a success that we had to expand to a bigger location.

I believe meeting the right people at the right time who are willing to help and support my vision is not a coincidence, but rather confirms that I am on the right path. Today you are sitting in the new GOH location, the gym I dreamt to take over if I ever won the lottery!!

Welcome to GOH center and hope you have a life changing experience!