I arrived in Holland in 2004 to study physiotherapy and I worked part-time in different gyms as a Personal Trainer. After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Physiotherapy, I started my own physical therapy practice and worked from different centers and gyms. After a few years, I decided that I wanted to create something that gives honest service without being controlled by a system; something I am passionate about that gives back to the clients. Summer of 2013 was the birth of GOH concept.

GOH is all about improving health and lifestyle. The concept had to be small, customer service focused, goal oriented, medically professional and holistic; offering guidance in exercise, nutrition, workshops and educational seminars. I started the first pilot at a gym and the first trial was a weight loss program.

Aside from being a physical therapist and personal trainer, I also specialize in giving sports massage and managing the business on a daily basis. I focus on the growth of GOH concept and professionalizing the company so we can offer our clients great service and customer experience. I do love my job.

With the few hours left in the week that I am not working, I enjoy training, eating healthy food and spending quality time with my family.